A treat for body and soul

Partial Massage
We try to respond to your individual needs and wishes. Choose between back and neck massage, neck and head massage, neck- head and facial massage, lymphatic drainage, reflexology or sport massage.

Full Body Massage
A good deed for your whole body to combat muscle tension or back pain and to strengthen your muscles. A marvellous feeling after sport.

Relaxation Massage
This massage is a little softer and harmonises, calms and relaxes the body. Balm for body and soul.

Aromatic oils / Aromatic candle Massage
The classic massage using warm, highly effective oils or massage candles.

Hot Stone Massage
The body’s energy flow is activated by placing warm stones on the body.

Ear Candling Treatment
followed by a facial massage has a soothing effect. Candling is used to combat colds, headaches, stress, inner uneasiness or exhaustion. A massage helps reduce nervousness and stress.

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