Our sauna oasis

Body, spirit and soul need peace and rejuvenation.

Recharge your batteries with fresh energy and strength in our pool and sauna spa. The relaxation areas are pleasantly arranged and let you just switch off and dream. There is a small refreshment bar in the sauna area.

The sauna and steam bath are open: Winter daily from 3.30 to 7 pm. In summer on request
Bath towels are provided in the sauna. Children under 14 are not admitted to the spa area. You can hire a bathrobe from reception (€ 5/week)

For the warmer months of the year there is a small lawn with loungers to enjoy the breathtaking views near the swimming pool gallery.

Finnish Sauna
The warm dry air facilitates sweating and purification and builds up your resistance. (approx. 80-90°)

Steam Bath
Healthy heat therapy with eucalyptus steam for a pleasant, purifying and gentle effect.

Sanarium – Bio Sauna
Gentle heat application for relaxation (approx. 50-60°)with different herbal scents.

Infrared Cabin (can be used all day)
An effective heat therapy that works in combination with stimulating coloured light baths. Deep warmth even 30°C without putting pressure on the cardiovascular sytem.Relieves tension and back pain, improves the metabolism, strengthens the immune system, purifies and detoxicates and encourages regeneration after physical activity.

Solarium – Sun for your skin (small charge)
Give yourself a gift of light and warmth and a slight tan.